Orcutt Academy students attend the “Popular” broadway musical Wicked

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Orcutt Academy students attend the “Popular” broadway musical Wicked

Hayden Umphenour, Reporter

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On December 7th, Orcutt Academy High School students of all grades attended the broadway musical Wicked at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre. The cost of attendance is $135, which includes a dinner at Wood Ranch in Camarillo.


Students had an early out at 1:10 p.m. on Friday December 7th, and departed the school at 1:30 p.m. Accompanying the students on the trip were chaperones including Mr. and Mrs. Carter, Mr. McManus, Mrs. Kintzi, Mr. and Mrs. Blackie, Mr. and Mrs. Oaks, Mr. and Mrs. Pedersen, Mrs. Meyer, and Mr. Mckenzie. Each chaperone carries a group of at least five  students, which they are “in charge” of the entirety of the night.


The students arrive at Wood Ranch restaurant at 4:00 p.m., and depart at 5:30 p.m. toward Pantages Theatre. When students arrive, they are split into their groups and able to spend time until the show walking around downtown Hollywood. Most students walk the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and go into small shops along the street.


Junior Hayley Parker, attendee of the field trip from last year, says, “It’s a really cool field trip because you don’t just go to the play; the entire group goes to dinner before, and then there’s a good amount of time for students to walk around Hollywood and check out nearby shops.”


At around 7 p.m., students and chaperones head to the theater to check in, and get to their seats. In the theater there is a booth that sells Wicked merchandise including socks, shirts, hoodies, blankets, and much more. Concessions are sold in the theatre as well.


This year specifically, students were not able to look around Hollywood before the play, because of the traffic coming into Los Angeles. However, students still made it to Pantages with plenty of time to look around before the show started.


Orcutt Academy sophomore Roslynn Wall attended the trip this year and shares, “I recommend going on this trip because it’s a fun experience and it’s only once a year, which makes it a rarity being able to go and make memories with friends.”


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