You can be a Big Baller too!

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You can be a Big Baller too!

Sonia Wasserman, Reporter

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After dropping his first shoe ever (ZO2) for a whopping $500 dollars, Big Baller Brand (BBB) announced they are dropping a brand new $200 dollar shoe (ZO2.19), designed by the Los Angeles Lakers baller himself, Lonzo Ball.


The design of Ball’s new shoe takes on a more classic look compared to his slimmer, more modern looking original ZO2. The shoe features a mixture of a suede, mesh, and leather upper, with a foam midsole and a rubber outsole.


The controversy on the pricing of the shoes of the ZO2’s has been discussed much in the basketball community. Multiple YouTubers, basketball players, and basketball fans thought the idea of Ball having a $500 dollar price tag on his signature sneaker was a far stretch from being reasonable, since he hasn’t accomplished much in his very short NBA career.


People have looked to the signature shoes of “the greats” of the NBA, like Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and Lebron James, whose signature sneakers have been priced at less than half of what Ball’s shoes were.


The people who were not supportive of the original price tag of the ZO2’s said that if the legends, who have won many championships and made names for themselves with their play, weren’t pricing their shoes over $200 dollars, then a young player, who has not done much in his short career, should not be pricing a shoe at $500 dollars.


Others have said that they support the Big Baller Brand and will buy their products since they are fans of the Ball family and what they do. Either way, gurus of basketball sneakers expect sales and profits to increase for BBB since the new ZO2.19 is more than twice as affordable as was the original.


Will you choose to be a big baller and support the movement, or stick with more mainstream sneaker brands?

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