Life at the Tijuana San Diego border


Hayden Umphenour

The Tijuana San Diego border

The media has known about the migrant caravan which has been trying to gain access to the United States since October 12th, and so far, migrants haven’t been very successful.


A group of men, women, and children left Honduras on October 12th as an estimated group of 7,000 people traveling together. Their destination: the United States.


On November 25th, the group of people from Honduras made it to the San Diego Tijuana border, and what they thought would save them, brought more fear into their lives. What awaited them was the United States border patrol and an abundance of tear gas.


Most of the migrants consisted of young men, but mixed in were children of all ages. Images have been circling social media consisting of crowds of people choking on tear gas and children in diapers running around barefoot trying to escape.


Influencers of the media have posted their thoughts on the subject; some applauded the excellence of the border control while others are disgusted to see what the United States has turned to in order to protect its people.


Many popular figures in culture have expressed hate towards the occurrence, including model and actress Zendaya Coleman. Coleman went to Instagram to share her thoughts and there posted images from the incident titled as “An abomination.” There are still few, however, who enjoyed seeing the border patrol at work. Political commentator Tomi Lahren tweeted saying the gassing was the “highlight” of her Thanksgiving break.


The migrants have still had no success in crossing the border, however, the media has continued to cover this story, and will continue until the matter is resolved.