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“Reading” into what I’m thankful for

This Thanksgiving, I’m taking a closer look into everything that’s around me, and understanding the resources I have which many others don’t.


Many women and children around the world do not have access to libraries. Reading is one of my favorite activities to take part in. I know I am insanely lucky to have a school library, a public library, and even access to books and reading in each of my classes. Knowledge is a gift, and I am very grateful to be able to gain entry into a whole different world of learning.


Not only am I lucky to have access to books, I am thankful to have the knowledge to even know how to read. Even today, countries do not allow children, especially girls, to go to school, and obtain the chance to learn how to read. Although times have changed and more and more opportunities are arising, there are still children who go without this privilege.

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