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I am thankful for the relationship I have with my mom

I’m thankful for my mom, who has given up her time, money, and is willing to give me whatever I need to be successful. My mom has constantly told me I have what it takes to get into any college of my choosing and that I won’t need to get a part time job while I’m getting my education because she will do whatever she needs to do in order to get me through college. At a young age, she got me into music lessons for piano, clarinet, guitar, saxophone, and oboe. We go out together to the movies, to get our nails done, to go shopping, or to simply enjoy the beach. While some people may think it’s embarrassing for their mothers to be their best friends, I take pride in the fact that my mom is my best friend, since I am sure that most people’s best friends have not paid for them to get a car, are willing to pay for their college tuition, and have traveled to Costa Rica, Jamaica, Bahamas, and many parts of Europe with their best friends. All in all, out of all the people around me, I wouldn’t want anyone else to be my best friend except for my mom.

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