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I’m thankful for my education, as a girl

This holiday season, I am especially thankful for my education. While school can be stressful and time consuming it’s important to remember what a privilege it is to be able to attend school – especially being that I am a girl. It’s a tragically unfair fact that many girls throughout the world are not allowed equal education opportunities to their male counterparts. Throughout the world, around 65 million girls are not in school. I am very thankful and lucky that I am not one of these girls. Not only am I able to go on through high school, I am also able to pursue further education. My education will also benefit me in the future being that statistically girls with an extra year of education can earn 20% more as an adult. I am glad that I live where I do and have grown up in my family where I have always been taught to strive for good grades and work hard. I am very lucky to be at such a great school, with many opportunities and great staff. I am very grateful for this privilege.

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