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I am thankful to have school as an outlet for making friends

This Thanksgiving, one of the many things I am thankful for is being able to make friends at school. I have always had a hard time making friends; as a kid, I would always try to make friends but I was never able to because I didn’t know how. It wasn’t until Jr. High at Lakeview when I started making friends. I wasn’t used to the change; I went from having one or two friends to being in three or four friend groups. Then in high school, I found the group that I fit in most with. I wouldn’t have been able to make so many friends if I didn’t go to school. If I were homeschooled, I would still be alone, hanging out by myself, not having anyone to talk to. That is why, this Thanksgiving, I am very thankful for being able to make friends at school.

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