Empty-handed upperclassmen


Kati Ahrens giving her last dollar towards senior expenses

There’s no denying that senior year costs way too much for seniors to handle. Between senior pictures, prom and grad-nite, a cap and gown, standardized tests, yearbooks, countless college applications, and the fact that the seniors will go on to become broke college students within the next year, these numerous expenses are the last thing seniors need.

Don’t believe me? Seniors are told to take the SAT and ACT at least once. With writing, the SAT costs about $65, and the ACT costs $67. Along with these tests, even college applications cost a lot. A CSU application costs $55, and an application for a UC costs $70 per campus (!). Applications for Ivy League colleges and other well-known colleges can cost as much as $90. But that’s not all. Seniors must get senior pictures, and, unless taken by an amateur photographer, these can be pretty pricey (as in $100+, just for the session without the actual pictures). Prom and grad-nite are yet another expense, both totaling to just under $200. And these are just some of the activities and items needed for senior year.

The costs of senior year are almost too much to handle. The total comes out to well over $1,000, which is much more than other years of high school. And with prices rising for everything every year, this is only going to become even more difficult to manage. The cost of everything needs to go down!

Combating these expenses without coming up broke is quite the challenge, but seniors are trying their hardest. Many seniors attending Orcutt Academy manage to find time in their busy schedules to get a job in order to help them to pay for everything in senior year. They also spend time writing many essays for different scholarships in order to make college more affordable.

Others may find cheaper ways to do things, such as borrowing a cap and gown from someone who has already graduated, find cheaper alternatives to senior pictures, apply early to have application fees waived for some colleges, among many other ways.