Photography being seen in a new light



Orcutt Academy High School has a variety of electives for its students to choose from. Despite this variety, many students time and time again seem to love photography.

One of the reasons photography is so popular is because it satisfies a visual performing art requirement. On top of this, in contrast to choir or band, photography is extremely accessible. Despite this accessibility, photography teacher Mr. Mcmanus tries to keep students on their toes and challenge them each year.

This year, Mr. Mcmanus is focusing in on lighting in photography. Students are learning about lighting and theory and applying their knowledge to their photography. Students do this by using light shield in their photography. They have to use different angles and try different things to create the best pictures possible.

To conclude, the photography class has been taking a baby step into changing some of their old ways. Mr. Mcmanus tries to show the students something new, then put them to work actually trying it in their photography. From this year’s class, you can definitely expect excellent work and lots of growth from all of the students.