Sports: effects and importance

American sports are a big part of the nation’s culture

Football Scoop

American sports are a big part of the nation’s culture

Neel Panchal, Reporter

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Sports have been an essential part of American culture. From watching LeBron James dunking 40 inches off the ground in a finals game, to Derek Jeter hitting a walk-off game winner in his last game, these sports bring excitement and emotion out of individuals.

Football, basketball, baseball and other sports can bring the best attributes out of people: discipline, hard work, leadership, and commitment. The world of sports also has its way of bringing individuals and groups of people closer to each other. Seeing your favorite team or favorite player succeed can bring joy and can even motivate you to be greater. Personally, seeing Kobe Bryant drop 60 points in his final game after 20 seasons was emotional and hard to see him go, but seeing what he did over those 20 seasons, winning championships, breaking records, maintaining a win or die mentality, motivated me to get better at basketball and put hard work into my craft.

Watching or playing sports is something I would recommend to anyone seeking competitiveness, stress relief, and having a good time by yourself or with others. Sports can be used as an escape from reality just to be yourself and have fun. Putting a ball through a hoop, or hitting a homerun can help relieve the stress in life.


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