What’s there to do on a Friday night?


Hope Davidson

Alexx Asencio watching one of her daily Youtube vlogs.

Many of us struggle to find ways to entertain ourselves in the beloved cities of Orcutt and Santa Maria. In response to this epidemic, we asked Spartans on campus about how they like to enjoy their night out on the town, come each weekend.

Sophomore Jack Hinkle is a simple man who likes to “just go outside and goof around with [my] buds” and munch on some pizza.

Hope Davidson
Jack Hinkle showing off his sick dance moves for the camera.

Alexx Asencio, a senior, describes her perfect Friday night in detail. “I walk through the door, toss aside my backpack, go to the pantry, open it up, grab a bag of popcorn, and put it in the microwave for 2 minutes and 18 seconds, and watch my daily vlogs.”

Senior Robert Jimenez was unable to think of something remotely fun to do in town. So instead, he shares a story of one of his favorite Friday nights where him and his friends had a bonfire and gobbled down 200 chicken nuggets from McDonald’s.

Hope Davidson
Robert Jimenez measuring the amount of fun he will have on a Friday night.

Sophomore Ireland Donavan decides what activity to do based on her mood. Sometimes that means taking her dog on a walk around the block and other times she plans a game night with friends.

Hope Davidson
Ireland Donavan and her dog Casper going for a walk.


Senior Matthew Lopez loves to play tennis at the country club with his family or friends and afterward, picks up a bite to eat at either Costco or Urban Cafe.

Hope Davidson
Matthew Lopez warming up for his Friday night tennis session with a game of ping pong.

Spartans, let us know what you like to do on a Friday night, or any night of the week, in our beautiful two adjacent cities.