“The Witches” now brewing at OA


Adelyn Gaither

The cast of "The Witches" taking a bow for their audience at the end of the show.

Adelyn Gaither, Reporter

Orcutt Academy’s drama class brings their spellbinding work, “The Witches”, to the stage this weekend. The shows will take place in OA’s multi use room on November 8th (today), 9th, and 10th at 7:00 with an added matinee performance on the 10th at 4:00.  

“The Witches” was originally a children’s fantasy novel originally published in 1983. Adapted for the stage by David Wood, the plot line follows a character called “Boy,” played by Dante Surra, and his grandmother, Jessica Avila, in their move to England. As Boy is exploring the hotel he is staying at, he discovers a coven of witches plotting to exterminate all the children of England. After some unforeseen circumstances “altering” the shape of Boy, he recruits his grandmother to help him take down the head witch once and for all to save all the children of England.

The storyline has many hilarious characters including Bruno, a young boy with a bottomless pit for a stomach, portrayed by the comical Andrew Genge. As the play goes on, as well as Bruno’s appetite, there are many hysterical references to modern-age humor the cast ad libbed, including a Vine (as said by Miranda Mejia) and a throwback line and Easter egg to “Snow White”, a play the OA drama class put on last year. On top of this, Alysa Harshbarger plays the Grand High Witch and brings a great sassiness to the character. She takes command of the stage, owning her role as the head of the secret witch society. Dante Surra and Jessica Avila also bring a strong familial feel to the story and add a heartwarming element to the show.

Although there were a few technical difficulties during the dress rehearsal, the show went on to much success. The cast of “The Witches” were highly prepared for any slight inconvenience, making the production look seamless and smooth. Shaw did an amazing job of getting the drama students in touch with who their characters were as well as how to portray them in a funny and entertaining manner. With such a passionate cast, no wonder the production was a hit to other high school drama classes who attended the preview show.

From the wacky costuming to the stage props, the play portrays Roald Dahl’s crazy character perfectly. “The Witches” put on my Orcutt Academy’s drama class is a great play to see for anyone looking for a good belly laugh. Excellent job OA drama for an incredible and unforgettable production. Tickets are only $10 and are still available for this show in the business office or at the door.