Coach Dell’Armo takes on the big blue wave


Hayden Umphenour

Math teacher and swim coach John Dell'Armo.

Hayden Umphenour, Reporter

Orcutt Academy High School’s new swim season is upon us. Along with the new season, comes a new coach. This year, the swim team will be coached by Orcutt Academy’s own John Dell’Armo.


During his own high school days, Dell’Armo was an avid swimmer at Hillsdale High School in San Mateo. This sparked his interest in Orcutt Academy’s swim program.


Mr. Chad McKenzie, Orcutt Academy’s athletic director, asked Dell’Armo to coach this season and so did many of his own students. Orcutt Academy Junior and participant in the swim team Hayley Parker says, “I was truly surprised Dell’Armo was interested in being the swim coach, but he’s a good teacher and shows real interest in the position, so I think the team’s looking at a strong season with him as coach.”


Dell’Armo is looking forward to the task of coaching, but also has a few doubts. “In the past, there was a problem with numbers and also a problem with rides being available.” This year, Dell’Armo is looking forward to fixing those minor flaws and making the swim program great.


During the season, Dell’Armo is excited to be a part of the coaching experience at Orcutt Academy. “I’m looking forward to working with the kids, and getting to know them better outside of school.”


Make sure to catch Dell’Armo at this year’s swim meets as he takes on his first year as Orcutt Academy’s swim coach.