Delaney Kelly’s last season


Len Wood, Staff

Kelly playing in her match against St.Joseph High school.

Leticia Ruvalcaba, Reporter

Senior Delaney Kelly, who is on Orcutt Academy’s varsity tennis team, has been playing tennis for only two years. She started playing because all her friends were and she wanted to try a new sport.

This is her last year playing and she says that playing for Orcutt Academy is super fun and she is glad that she is doing it. Her favorite part about being on the team was being able to spend time with the coaches and the girls. She also enjoyed going out to eat after every game with the team.

Their season just ended and unfortunately, because they played against harder teams this year, they did not do as good as they wanted to. The team played hard teams such as SLO and Arroyo Grande.

Kelly claims it wasn’t too hard having to handle both school and tennis at the same time. She only has to miss her last two classes of the day and says she’s “managing to balance” all her classes. The season is now over for the team and Kelly says that now she can focus more on her classes. Orcutt Academy wishes the best for Kelly.