Gavin Naylor “receives” overwhelming support on the football team


Pictured above, Gavin Naylor is with his grandmother after a football game on October 3rd, at Santa Maria High.

Tiffany Vuong, Reporter

Sophomore Gavin Naylor takes on this year’s Orcutt Academy High School Football team. To Naylor, football isn’t only a sport, but a way to build friendships with other team members.


Naylor’s favorite part about being on the team is being able to participate in various football games. “Before the game we play super loud music and get hyped. It’s really fun. Everything about game days is fun,” he says. “After the game, we go to our families and friends and they congratulate us,” Naylor informs the Spartan Oracle. He then goes on to say how he much appreciates the overwhelming amount of love and support the crowd gives him while he is playing. Naylor, a wide receiver and corner, hope to get more tackles in as the season progresses.


Naylor describes football as a high intensity sport. Since he relies on his other team members on doing well in games, Naylor has formed close friendships with most guys on the team: “We’re all pretty close. We hang out outside of school. We just help each other out with everything. Even if it’s math homework, we help each other out with that. If it’s personal problems, we always find a way to help each other through those.” Being on the football team requires going to practice at 5:30 in the morning, but “hanging out with the guys makes it worth the sleep deprivation.”


With championships coming up and this season coming to a close, make sure to attend every upcoming home game! While you’re up on the stands, look out for number 4, Gavin Naylor, and show your support! The Spartan Oracle wishes the best of luck to Naylor for the rest of the season. Go show em’ how it’s done.