Homecoming is not overrated


Peyton Heath

Peyton Heath points out one of the posters for homecoming candidate, Chase Funkhouser.

Many may believe that homecoming court is overrated, but in the depressing land that is high school, students can use any ounce of fun they can get.

This year as well as last year, homecoming court nominations were decided by all of the various clubs at Orcutt Academy. Then, students would vote for the candidates from their class that they would like to see be  a part of the homecoming court.

In the past, our school has tried many different approaches to this; such as, teachers deciding the nominees, or all students writing in who they would like to nominate during Spartan Seminar. At Righetti High School they have a similar approach to what we have done in the past, where students nominate the court by going to a booth and writing down who they would like to nominate.

After graduation, not many will remember exactly who was on the homecoming court during high school, but they will remember how much fun they had cheering for their classmates as they embarrassed themselves during the homecoming rally, or how excited everyone was when the king and queen were announced during the game. They will remember how crazily the candidates campaigned; with posters, social media pages, and different handouts to get people to vote for them. These are the kinds of things that students will want to remember from high school, not the tests and quizzes.

Homecoming court is not overrated, and provides an exciting activity for high school students to attend, and fun memories to keep. This year’s homecoming was awesome, and in the future, the selection of Orcutt Academy homecoming court should stay the same so future high school students will be able to enjoy it as much as this year.