Flippin’ awesome cheerleader Ray Lara


This year's Orcutt Academy cheer team

The cheer team this year is set to be better than ever, as coach Megan Moore even said that the team this year is “the best team that Orcutt Academy has ever had.” One member of the team, Ray Lara, agrees. He said that he believes the team will do amazing this year, and that his teammates are all “hard-working and motivating.”

Ray Lara is one of only two boys on the cheer team this year, yet he is still seen as one of the stand out members of the team. His coach says that Ray is “very insightful,” and that he is always at every practice, making sure that everyone is there and doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Ray joined the cheer team last year, during his sophomore year here at OA. One of the things that makes him so successful in cheer is his background in gymnastics. However, since he was unable to continue with gymnastics, he decided to join the cheer team. On what make him a good member of the team, he says “being in a team helps me to be motivated and motivate others [as well].”

Ray Lara is an exceptional cheerleader, and he can only eat better as the season progresses. Make sure to watch football games to catch Ray tumbling all over the place with the cheer team!

Ray Lara and the OA Spartan cheerleaders will be performing at the Homecoming halftime show this Friday, October 12th.