Gym Shorts: Mackenzie Webb


Elijah Harper

Mackenzie cross country interview

Mackenzie Webb, a senior at Orcutt Academy High School, excels not only in her school work, but as a runner on the girl’s cross country team as well. The cross country coach shared his thoughts on Webb and elaborated on what makes her so amazing.  

Mata explained that Mackenzie is an outstanding runner because she is always at the top of her game. No matter what is happening in her life or at school, she never slacks and always “[puts] in that work.”

Mata explained that Webb works well both as a team player, and as a leader: “She really cares for her fellow team members and makes sure they push their limits every practice.” This quality allows her to get the best out of everyone on the team, including herself.

All in all, Mata is in awe of Mackenzie Webb’s outstanding talent. Her ability to learn and improve makes her a standout athlete. Mata even said that running may be something Webb can continue doing in the future: “She can go far with running if she keeps doing what she is doing now.”

Her teammates confirmed what Mata said, saying that Mackenzie is exemplary in both her schooling and running. They said she is an excellent role model and they strive to be like her some day..

All in all, Mackenzie Webb is an excellent role model, leader, and athlete. This is her last year running for OA, so give her and the cross country team your support!