Friday Football Fiasco


Coach Alberry

Player Max Daniels running with the ball down field.

Leticia Ruvalcaba, Reporter


Friday, September 21, Orcutt Academy´s football team played Riverside Christian High School,they won 42-0 but played their first string for most of the game.


Players on the first string such as Max Daniels and Donavan Miller did very well this past game. The team did great from the beginning and started making many touchdowns from the help of players like Daniels and Miller.


Throughout the game the Spartans were dominating the field and constantly getting the ball. The school they played only had around 80-90 kids and, compared to our school of 600, this was a drastic difference. Some of the people from the opposing team were upset due to the fact that Orcutt Academy played their first string for most of the game even, when they were up by a lot.


I would agree with the opposing team on this, because if the team is already winning by a lot it only makes sense to put in players who do no get a lot of playing time and allow them to get the opportunity to participate. Players who do not get a lot of playing time normally should be able to gain some experience on the field. Unfortunately Orcutt Academy´s second string was only able to play the last quarter.


This issue has been brought to the attention of the coaches and is one that will hopefully be fixed in the near future.