The new success teacher succeeding elsewhere


Peyton Heath

Mrs. Garcia is the new success teacher here at Orcutt Academy

Mrs. Garcia didn’t choose the teaching life, the teaching life chose her. Orcutt Academy’s formerly-new success teacher tells about how she started the school year at Orcutt Academy, until her departure this past week.


Growing up, Mrs. Garcia never knew that she wanted to be a teacher. She states, “I never realized I wanted to be a teacher, the teacher position just came on me.” Mrs. Garcia has had many different career goals throughout her life.


During her freshman year of high school, Mrs. Garcia had the chance to study abroad at a boarding school in Mexico. From this experience grew her love of traveling and learning about different cultures.


Garcia claims that her study abroad experience “really matured her”. During college, one of her biggest goals at that time was to study abroad again. She had the opportunity to study in France, and she even became trilingual (being fluent in English, Spanish, and French).


At first, because of her love of numbers, Mrs. Garcia wanted to pursue accounting. However, Garcia later realized that this position would not give her the social aspect she felt was necessary for her in a career. She then had the goal of being a part of the UN, to fulfill her wish for travel and communicating with people. However, as she recalls, “next thing I knew, I got married, and I [didn’t] have a job.”


At that point, Mrs. Garcia got a job as a financial aid adviser at a junior college, but then “got hooked into counselling.” Garcia enjoyed counselling so much that she worked towards her masters degree in the field. Prior to working at Orcutt Academy for a brief period of time, Mrs. Garcia was a high school counselor for about 23 years.


She believes that her counselling background was very helpful with her position as a success teacher because both careers have to do with helping students striving for success.


However, after teaching for just a couple of months as the new success teacher, Mrs Garcia has decided to return to counselling, and has now moved on to a different position within the district. Orcutt Academy wishes her the best in her new career!