Cons of recreational use minimum days


Marcos Gonzalez

Tiffany Vuong frowns in disguist over recreational minimum days

Marcos Gonzalez, Reporter

The minimum days at OA have many uses, for things like multicultural day, career day, club day, finals, and other uses at times. This use of minimum days for school activities might not be the best our school can do.

OA’s “recreational” days are mostly used for non-academic purposes, but on some days like club day or multi-cultural day, some students don’t even show up to school. So why dedicate these minimum days to activites if some students won’t even come to school for the activities? Days like career and club days are used as ways to assist students in non-academic ways, but if students aren’t even going to show up to reap from the benefits the days offer, why bother?


Teachers also struggle with minimum days; schedules can be messed up and make work harder for both the student and teacher. Why have these days dedicated to these activities if what they’re intended for doesn’t really work and end up making work harder for both the student and teacher.


The minimum days at OA, though they can be fun for some, have many issues with students not showing up, loss of learning time, and stress of planning for teachers. We could propose many solutions and possibly minimize the number of minimum days to maximize education.