Will students finally get the sleep they deserve?


Hope Davidson

Seniors Lauren Tittes and Eston Williams

The Start the School Day Later bill proposes a mandatory, statewide start time of 8:30 or later for all junior high and high schools in the state of California.

The California Senate has approved the Start the School Day Later bill and is now awaiting the decision of governor Jerry Brown on September 30th. If the bill does pass, all junior high and high schools in the state of California will be required to start no later than 8:30 a.m, starting in 2021.

With the interest of the health of students in mind, lawmakers came up with this bill to give students an extra few minutes of sleep in the morning. Studies had shown time and time again that teenage bodies are not meant to go to sleep before eleven o’clock, therefore with an early start time, many teenagers are not getting a proper amount of sleep. A proper amount of sleep leads to better test scores and more attentive students, for example.

A major concern surrounding this new bill has arisen- mostly in large cities. In most cities, the bus schedule for schools would have to be rearranged and likely interfere with each other, and in large cities with a large amount of schools and students, it would be especially difficult.

Other major inconveniences include having to rewrite teacher contracts, parents adjusting to the new start time, and after-school activities. However, if the bill were to pass, most of the current high schoolers at Orcutt Academy would not get to experience the change as the law will not become mandatory for another three years.

Most students are in favor of the bill as they would be able to get more sleep while many parents are worried about how their child will get to school. What are your opinions on schools starting at 8:30?

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