Orcutt Academy’s new choir director

The new choir director,  Mr.Smithson.

Courtesy of Allen Smithson

The new choir director, Mr.Smithson.

Elijah Harper, Reporter

Orcutt Academy High School started its year not only with new students, but with new teachers as well. One of the new teachers is Allen Smithson, who has taken over for Mrs. Kintzi as the choir director.


Mr. Smithson explained that he likes Orcutt Academy so far. “I greatly appreciate the school.” Mr. Smithson then went on to say he has had a great time with the people here and thinks they are quite friendly. I then asked him about his decision to take this job and he replied that he thinks the job “chose” him. Luckily, he likes it; calling it a “win-win” situation.  


Something different about choir this year is that it is zero period- meaning it starts at 6:50 a.m. Mr. Smithson said he doesn’t like waking up early, but, “when it comes to my students, I love it!”


Overall, Mr. Smithson will be an excellent edition to Orcutt Academy. He is excited to be here and help make the choir amazing.