Gym Shorts: Karli Lundberg


Marcos Gonzalez

Karli Lundberg, Varisty Girls Golf Player

Marcos Gonzalez, Reporter

Karli Lundberg takes a swing at the new golf season. Karli is the number one spot on the OA varsity golf team. She has a great outlook for their 2018-2019 season, and high hopes for herself and the other girls of the team.


Karli has been playing golf for four years, and this will be her third year playing for OA. She holds the number one spot on varsity and with that has some big shoes to fill, but she was very positive about her goals for this year. Last year, Karli barely missed CIF for girl’s golf, placing 5th, and CIF only taking the top four girls. When asked about what she most wanted for this year and how she’ll get it, she said, “I went out a lot during the summer, playing golf, and with that plus this the rest of this year, I think I can definitely make CIF.”


Karli has also played other sports for OA, soccer and track, and has a love for all sports she has played, but golf seemed to hold a high place in her heart. This year being her fourth year ever playing golf, what might have drawn her in about golf, Karli told the Oracle, “I really enjoy playing golf for OA, as we play as a team, but there is an individual scoring. The fact that golf is both individual and cooperative in a way makes it very fun.”


Karli’s love for golf and her drive for excelling this year make her a great athlete that this school is happy to have.