Gym Shorts: Alex Sutton


Coach Lyon

Pictured from left to right is Alex Sutton with teammates Dylan Macintire, Coach Alberry, Max Daniels, Winston Harris, Marc Valdez. From bottom row right to left is David Conable and Josiah Debruno.

Leticia Ruvalcaba, Reporter

Alex Sutton takes on important role this year on Orcutt Academy football team as a sophomore.

Sutton has been playing football for 8 years and  is playing for his second year at Orcutt Academy. Alex started playing football to relieve stress and finds the sport fun because of the switch from a 11 to 8 men team.

Last year Sutton was a linebacker but this year he is playing fullback. He has around 37 tackles, 4 touchdowns and 130 rushing yards. According to Coach Alberry, “Alex has stepped up big this year only being a sophomore. He has stepped up as a leader on our defense and with the entire team.” His team agrees with Alberry as well. tTeammate Casey Daniels adds that “Alex is a great supporter. He does all he can to help out the team and does a really good job at motivating the team.”

Sutton has many goals for both himself and for the team. He hopes that the team goes to the championship this year and looking at the team this year it is possible.

In addition, handling school and sports doesn’t seem to be a problem for Sutton. He works hard on and off the field to make sure he keeps up his grades.

The Spartan Oracle wishes the best of luck to Alex Sutton and is excited to see how this year goes.