Top 10: Netflix originals

Spartan Oracle, Reporter

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Netflix: the streaming service everyone’s crazy about. Not only does the service provide access to hundreds of TV shows and movies, it also produces its own original content, some of which have become insanely popular. Here’s our top ten Netflix Original movies and TV shows.


  1. “To The Bone”: “To The Bone” deals with deeper topics like mental illness and eating disorders. It belongs on the list because it is important for people to have a better understanding about these topics that often go unspoken. However, this movie is not for everyone because it addresses a lot of deeper topics that can be upsetting for some people.


9.”Before I Wake”: It is the perfect movie for those who love thrillers. We guarantee this movie will keep your eyes open. The plot itself will leave you wondering who the culprit was.


  1. “Everything Sucks”: It has similar vibes of “Stranger Things”, but instead of battling monsters you follow the main characters dealing with mean girls. It is fun to watch because of the 90s setting. It belongs on this list due to the entertaining drama and talented acting.


  1. “Nailed It”: This one belongs on this list because it often goes unnoticed on the Netflix originals list. This is the most underappreciated baking show, adding tons of comedy and disfunction to a field of television that is normally very serious and competitive.


6.”To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”: This title belongs on this list because it is a perfect example of what everyone fantasizes their high school experience to be like. Lara Jean, the main character, grew up writing letters to her 5 crushes, but when her letters are accidentally sent she faces the challenges of real love in high school.


  1. “Orange Is The New Black”: This Netflix cannon deserves a spot on this list because it is a hit TV series based on a real life story. The show is based off a memoir about a woman who served jail time in a women’s prison for getting caught up in an international drug ring.


  1. “13 Reasons Why”: This polarizing hit belongs on this list because everyone that has ever gone to school can relate to this series, even amidst the dark and controversial topics.


  1. “Big Mouth”: This original shows a group of pre-teens going through the normal struggles that all teens face. Humor and animation is added to lighten the mood of the topics discussed. This show is good for high schoolers to watch because they can relate to the characters.


  1. “Black Mirror”: This title offers something that has not been seen since the “Twilight Zone” in the 1960s. This series depicts a monumental amount of different one-off, oddball, and usually quite disturbing plot lines that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Each episode’s plot is taken from and commentates on a current piece of technology, such as smart phones, social media, and even roombas.


  1. “Stranger Things”: Set in the 1980s, this award-winning show is a thrilling drama about the vanishing of a 12-year-old boy, and the strange circumstances surrounding his disappearance. This show provides comic relief while also keeping you on the edge of your seat as the mystery unfolds.
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