Summer in a nutshell

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Savannah Blouin

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May 22, 2018
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Summer in a nutshell

How do you plan on spending your summer? Car window down?
Wind blowing through your hair?
Do you want to go swimming?
With all of those sea creatures underneath your feet? How about hiking with the mountains so high?
Or flying in an airplane watching the clouds?
The summer can be so beautiful
The sun beaming down on your face
Creating the sun kissed glow onto your skin
The sound of ocean waves crashing down on the beach While you lay in the sand
Without a care in the world
Binge watching Netflix
Your favorite show
They put a “Summer Edition” up
Sleeping in and waking up to birds chirping Happy words are said to one another
But wait, there’s more
Staying up late with friends or alone
Alone is okay too
It doesn’t really matter who you spend your summer with Or how you spend your summer
The only thing that really matters is how you enjoy it Doing what you love
And what you enjoy
Your summer should be fun and thrill seeking
But if you don’t want it to be that’s okay too
Hope you have a good summer
Let us know how it goes

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