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I will not live up to summer body expectations

I will not live up to summer body expectations

There is societal pressure to spend your winter months exhausting yourself in the gym, and only eating cold kale, superfood, salads, and breakfast smoothies. That way, when the calendar hits “summer” and beach weather rolls in, one will have a body that, according to “summer body goals”,  is well-defined and appropriate for bikinis and shorts.

I am not doing that this year.

My point is, no matter how crazy the marketing gets about working to get your summer body in the winter, it is completely unrealistic to change your entire body in the span of a season, and sets people up for failure. Everyone’s body works differently. Health looks different on every person. Whenever I see ads about prepping your summer body in the winter, or getting a “beach body”, I start to feel self-conscious and ultimately terrible about myself. I feel inadequate. But I’ve learned to work through it, and I remind myself that:   

‘The amount of pressure that is put on those who don’t fit the slim and hot body types is unnecessary. We should work hard to love the bodies that we are in. We should be encouraged to engage in self-love more than we are encouraged to over-analyze our figures. This summer, the beach will be happy with whatever body I bring to it. I’m alive, I’m happy and to me, that’s the perfect “summer body.”’    

My summer-ready body is the same body that’s as beautiful during the winter, spring, and fall. The clothes in my closet vary from flowy sundresses, to body-skimming maxi dresses, to bad-ass, thigh-baring miniskirts, to colorful yoga pants, to over sized tee shirts.

And my body looks perfect in all of them, regardless of being different from the picture perfect body type.

When I begin to feel upset about my perceived body not normal, or worry that my pants feel too tight, I am more aware that it’s not a representation of my ultimate worth.

I will not confine to summer expectations.

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