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Water parks: A staple of any good summer vacation.

Water parks are quite actually the very best cure to any blazing hot summer day and are the best thing to do on a long and otherwise boring vacation. Here is a comprehensive list as to why I am right.

NUMBER ONE: Water parks are a great way to escape the summer heat. As a matter of fact the best day to attend a waterpark is when the air is so scorching that your eyeballs start to sweat. When you hit that water nothing but pure relief will cut through your bones and you´ll know right then that the 22$ for a daytime pass was worth it.

NUMBER TWO: Unlike a place like Magic Mountain, if a ride breaks while you´re on it, your not gonna die. Think about it, a raging caterpillar of steel going 80 miles per hour down a steep slope 300 feet above the ground. If one bolt slides out of place, your dead, everyone on the ride is dead, and assuming you land on some folks, they will certainly no longer be living as well. Not very good for the consumer and not worth your 84$. Now water parks on the other hand are much less dangerous since there is not as much speed or weight involved. Oh no your rubber raft popped while you were swerving down the Thunder Run at Ravine waterpark? No worries you can still safely slide down the slippery slope safe in mind and body. What’s that, you got knocked unconscious when your face made contact with then ending tube part on Vertigo at Ravine Water Park? (Ravine veterans will know what I’m talking about). Forget about it, water parks actually hire people to make sure you have a safe experience at the location. These people are paid to retrieve your sedated body from the ride and to the nearest piece of dry land. These individuals are called lifeguards and are they are there to swim you out of a situation when you don’t know how to swim.

NUMBER THREE: Water parks are way cheaper than other amusement parks. Example: Ravine water park admission is 30$ and the season pass is 80$. Magic Mountain´s general admission is 84$ and the variety of season passes they offer range from 240$ to 300$.  Not enough for yeah? Mustang Waterpark admission is 22$, season pass is 70$. Knotts Berry Farm general admission is 80$ and a season pass is available for 100$. These prices can quadruple if you have a healthy number of friends in your squad group, obviously the water park route is better on the wallet.

NUMBER FOUR: Not into the adrenaline pumping aspects of water rides? No problem water parks offer a variety of activities for the laid back individual. Check out the kick back kreek and float around in an endless loop as the current takes you around the man made stream. Ravine also offers the wave pool so you can feel like a resurfaced piece of ship wreckage in the middle of the ocean. Or maybe just kick it in a Cabana you can rent at Mustang water park and watch other people get wet, if your into that sort of thing.   

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