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What happens to our brains over the summer

Every student greatly anticipates summer, when they don’t have to go to school all day, and can hang out with friends, doing whatever they want. However, the long summer break can be detrimental to students. Much evidence shows that students can lose what they have learned during the school year over summer, an occurrence known as summer learning loss.

Over the summer, most students do not engage in learning activities. Because they are not actively practicing the skills they learned during the school year, they tend to forget what they learned. This is why teachers have to begin the year with review; students have forgotten key concepts they learned during the previous school year. In general, up to six weeks every fall is spent re-learning forgotten concepts.

The statistics regarding summer learning loss are shocking. An average of one month of overall learning is lost over the summer, and up to two months of individual subjects. It can take up to two months to re-learn the concepts lost over the summer. Summer learning loss is highly detrimental to students and their learning capabilities.

Summer learning loss can be avoided. For younger students, taking part in enriching programs can help kids stay in a constant learning environment and maintain their amount of knowledge. Older students can take summer classes, which, along with other benefits, allow students to continue learning over the summer. Even just reading or using workbooks to continue learning can help prevent summer learning loss. It only takes about 3 hours a week of activity to prevent learning loss, and preventing learning loss can make it easier to excel in school.

Summer learning loss is highly detrimental to students, and it is an easy thing to avoid. However, many students can’t be bothered to continue learning over the summer and prevent this phenomenon from happening. Students should take advantage of their opportunities over the summer to continue learning; it will be worth it.

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