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Summertime — a reflection

Summer is definitely a memorable time for the majority of us. It’s full of beach days with early morning hikes up mountains you’ve never heard of. Fishing trips with your friends and drive-ins with your dad. Wherever your summer takes you, it’s almost always a good place. This week, I’ll be running you through what consisted of my summer last year, and why you should be looking forward to yours.

Good weather is surely a plus when jumping into the summer season. Long sunny days allow you to do pretty much anything and not have to worry about it being too cold or hot. Many days last summer I found myself being woken up early by my mom to go on a hike. She would look around on the internet for hikes that went through beautiful places and then tell the family we were going on an outing. Some of my favorite hikes were at Figueroa Mountain and the Gaviota Wind Caves.

If we weren’t hiking, we were at the beach, or camping, or both! At the end of the summer, my mom and her friends from grade school have a tradition where all the moms take their kids and we all go camping at El Capitan state beach. This week long adventure always leads to late night games of Rummikub to early morning explorations of the beach.

Wherever you end up spending your summer, make sure you’re surrounded by friends and family you know you can have fun with. Utilize your free-time, go outside and encounter nature as it is. And most importantly, have a good summer Spartans!

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