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Pro/Con: Summer Extended?

Summer break is always the time of the year students look forward to, so should it be extended? No. While a longer summer break sounds great, there are a lot of reasons that would not be good.

To start, everytime there is a break from school, students seem to get out of their normal schedule of studying and actually challenging their brain. This means that it is usually very difficult for a student to start off a semester right, especially if they are already a student who doesn’t put full effort into their work. High School is an important time for grades, because of how influential grades can be on your future, and at the beginning of the semester grades can drop rapidly due to few grades in the gradebook. Having such a low grade from the start is often very difficult to recover from, and discouraging.

Also, it’s a prevalent stereotype, especially in older generations, that us students get into trouble during summer. As much as we would like to deny that, we all know how true that can be sometimes. Having a longer summer could easily cause students to get into more trouble and like before, this could affect their attitude when they come back to school.

All in all, every student would vote for a longer summer, because it sounds so much better, but the truth is that it would be a disaster. Parents and students who care about their future will stand up for summer to stay the length it is, rather than extending it for satisfaction.


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