Lonely Summer

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Lonely Summer

Rayah Squibb, Editor

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After he left I began finding  traces of his smile in unfamiliar faces

all summer I tried to put the pieces together but all I learned was

the difference between love and desire


After he left I thought I would become merely a shell of myself

a walking ghost, whispering his name

instead my broken heart began to heal


After he left I started eating again

not all at once, but is the memory of his arms around me faded so did the fear in my throat

now my body feel strong,

now instead of begging him to love me more , there’s more of me to love


After he left I began measuring my days in laughter

practicing for when happiness returns

it still hurts more than I ever imagined it would but

now when I look into  the mirror I see love in my eyes

I don’t need his love to survive


After he left I began to realize that boy was never the light of my life

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