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Leyton Blackwell and Michi Hinders

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It is a matter of life and death – a pandemic that has swept the globe, leaving millions dead in its wake. Abortion has been a hotly debated issue for years, even before the Roe v. Wade case of 1973.

There are many downfalls to the termination of unborn life such as the robbery of a human’s right to exist and the psychological tumult of a mother.

Beginning at conception, a new human is being gestated. Just three weeks after conception, a fetus has a heartbeat. While babies are not viable outside the womb for significantly longer periods of time, the fetus is still its own human. It develops its own heart, lungs, eyes, fingers, toes. The body relies on its mother to grow, but it is its own life.

Abortion is often the unjust theft of life. One could go as far as to say the 57 million American babies aborted since 1973 are victims of genocide. More babies have died due to abortion than US soldiers perished in the Revolutionary War, Civil War, and World War I and II combined.

Even more tragic is the means by which many of the fetuses are ended. In early term abortions, usually occurring before 14 weeks, the fetus is vacuumed from the uterus along with the remaining tissue and amniotic fluids. The later the pregnancy term, the more violent the abortion needs to be. “Dilation and evacuation” calls for the woman’s cervix to be opened and suction to be placed on the baby’s abdomen area, swiftly ripping through the child’s fragile body, removing the contents of the fetal organs. The limbs are then surgically cut from the remaining body and taken away. The skull is crushed to be more easily removed from the uterus.

Furthermore, abortions have negative consequences on the women who have them. Women report experiencing immense guilt, anxiety, depression, and insomnia following the death of their children.

However, abortion is not the only option for unwanted or inconvenient pregnancies. Giving up babies for adoption is a way to decrease the murders and increase the number of homes with loved children. Before this can be the true ideal, though, the adoption system needs to be reformed. Instead of funding abortion clinics, give time, money, and resources to those who wish to see positive change brought to the US adoption system. No baby should be slaughtered senselessly, and no baby should be brought up in the current foster system.

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