2018 Staff Appreciation Ice Cream Social


Every year ASB takes time to appreciate our teachers and staff, and this year was a little different. Last year, ASB put on a formal potluck with nice tables music, and all around event. This year we decided to host an informal ice cream social. ASB provided ice cream, popcorn, and other goodies for Orcutt Academy staff to enjoy. Another difference than last year’s event, were the notes and letters we wrote for the staff. In the past, every staff member had a letter written for them, and a student stood up and read it aloud for everyone to hear. This year, every member still had a note, but they were set on a table for them to pick up and read for themselves. Whether you prefer the formal potluck or the informal ice cream social, the point of the event is to show our staff how much we appreciate the work that they do for us and the school. Thank you, staff, we appreciate and love everything you do!