Why school should start earlier


The question of whether or not high schools should start later in the morning has been a topic of discussion for quite some time now. In response to many students citing their lack of sleep and low energy for school on a daily basis, I wished to give my own feedback to the matter at hand.

Both starting and ending school later in the day are great options for improving a regular school day´s schedule. Most notably, students would be able to sleep in longer on a school morning and be more alert and attentive throughout the day. Likewise, teachers would most likely see a higher number of students wanting to participate in class discussions, projects, and activities. In addition, students would be able to receive a proper breakfast for their busy days with additional time in the morning.

Implementing a later start time at Orcutt Academy and other high schools alike would solve a lot of problems for students.

On the other hand, some students may not be too keen on the idea that school would have to end later in the day to make up for a later start-time. Sports, dinner, work, and time to do homework are just some of the things that would have to be pushed back later in the afternoon as a result of a shifted schedule.

In my personal opinion, a later start-time would be popular among the majority of students, yet an earlier start time could be more beneficial in the long run. Orcutt Academy should start early because students would have a large amount of the afternoon to participate in any of their extracurricular activities.

For those who claim they are too tired to wake up in the morning that early, it would be wise to merely go to bed earlier. It’s a lazy mentality and people regardlessly have the tendency to procrastinate. Starting school later would only feed into this procrastination.

To conclude, Orcutt Academy and schools should maintain and early start time and perhaps consider an earlier start time to maximize studentś time to do whatever they need/want to do after school hours. A good suggestion would be to push the start time to 7:30 in the morning and ending school at 2:00 in the afternoon.

Hopefully, we can see some changes with students and their energy levels in high school with an earlier start and release time.