Protests and walkouts at school


Protests and education are two crucial parts to an effective democracy. This is why protests at schools are so controversial. Both students and teachers protesting during school hours puts a halt to education and can prove problematic in the long run. So is it appropriate to protest at school?

My short answer would be yes- it is. But first, it is important to understand the issues with protests and walkouts at school.

The main problem with protesting during school is that no one is learning or teaching. This is obvious, but it is important to mention because in the case of a long term protest, it can be detrimental. A strike by teachers in West Virginia, which ended earlier this week, definitely fit this case after it lasted a whopping 8 days. This has the same effect on students who walkout in protest for a cause: they aren’t in classrooms to learn.

In general, protests take the focus of school off of learning. Even if a protest by students or teachers is barely affecting a school, administrators have to allocate time and resources to dealing with the issues and can’t focus on what’s important- education.

Despite this, the pros outweigh the cons.

Involvement of the people in their own democracy is extremely important.

This, coupled with both students’ and teachers’ freedom of speech, makes protests appropriate. On top of that, because education is so important, protests by teachers and students are effective. The point of a protest is to bring about change, and many people will work harder to change things if schools are being affected.

It could also be argued that whether students are watching their teachers protest, or are protesting themselves, it is a form of real-world education often not seen or taught in schools. So in that sense, maybe education isn’t being completely halted during a protest.

So, protests by teachers, like the one in West Virginia, and walkouts planned to rally students are similarly appropriate. They show what it truly means to be an American, and no one should be stopped from being a part of that.