Career Day


Friday, February 23, was Career Day at Orcutt Academy. Over 50 speakers came and taught students about their respective careers, and the Orcutt Academy Robotics Team finished the day with a fun and entertaining rally.

It was a minimum day with a schedule specific to Career Day. Students got to listen to four speakers of their choice talk about their jobs. Mrs. Williams, school librarian, had been working hard since October creating students’ schedules and contacting speakers to make sure the day would be a success.

For the most part, Career Day did end up successful. Though the real estate agent, tattoo artist, and marketing speakers never showed up, the rest did a good job of showing students what they did for work. Orcutt Academy junior, Rachel Carlson, felt the event was very well set up, and said she learned a lot about the career she wants to go into. Overall, students seemed to enjoy hearing about different opportunities for work after they graduate.

Jobs weren’t the only things students learned about. Juniors went to the MU to see a presentation about scholarships and financial aid put on by the Santa Barbara Scholarship Foundation. Sophomores also went to the MU to hear about Hancock’s College Now program.

The day ended with a well-executed Robotics rally. After introducing all members of the team, the band played the Mario Bros theme song as the team drove the robot out, making it perform tricks around the gym. The rally also included a performance by the dance team and a Kahoot game of video game trivia. To end the rally, the robotics team showed off a fancy trick, with the robot doing a pull-up.

Overall, with many informative speakers and an entertaining rally, Career Day was a resounding success.