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Movie Review: Kill Bill Vol. 1

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Movie Review: Kill Bill Vol. 1

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As far as Quentin Tarantino films go, Kill Bill Vol. 1 truly captures the essence of satirical violence. This 2003 semi-plotless film that revolves around a bride’s careful executions of notorious assassins who committed unforgivable crimes in a past life combines masterful martial arts scenes with the horrifying gore Tarantino films are known for.


After her former lover shows up unexpectedly to her wedding rehearsal, a young bride is put into a four year coma. Upon awakening, she sets out to kill the assassins who betrayed her that day. The most striking aspect of this film is the way the story is told. In no particular order, the bride (skillfully played by Uma Thurman) confronts and crosses out each name on her hit list.


The film combines multiple mediums, including animation for scenes that would have been wildly inappropriate if presented in any other form. Additionally, the soundtrack provided exceptional contrast to the overwhelming visual effects. Simple tunes such as “Bang Bang” by Nancy Sinatra and the iconic whistling in “Twisted Nerve” by Bernard Herrmann has made the film a lasting hit. Visually, the film is horrifying in the sense that over exaggerated blood spurts and over-the-top martial art scenes leave little to the imagination. However, exceptional acting on the part of Uma Thurman and supporting cast members makes such scenes not only believable, but thrilling.


There is a satirical undertone to the film as well, with the irony of the bride’s revenge plot never getting around to killing Bill himself, not to mention the frequent displays of power and mastery of martial arts in women, something rarely seen in film. The film often acts as a commentary rather than a story, although both the plot and satire can be described as scattered.


Overall, this is an exceptional film that pushes the action genre to the limit, and has become a prime example of the directing genius of Quentin Tarantino


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Movie Review: Kill Bill Vol. 1