Step right up at Sadie Hawkins

Ladies it’s time to bust out your markers and posters because Orcutt Academy’s Sadie’s dance is coming up quick. The event will take place in OA’s multi use room on February 23rd from 7:00 to 10:00.


Orcutt Academy’s annual Sadie Hawkins dance is being hosted by our amazing class of 2020 officers. The team has been meeting every week to talk about the theme, ticket price, DJ, decorations, and and advertisement. The dance will be carnival themed and have some pretty awesome decorations. Sadie’s is one of the 3 informal dances OA hosts along with the back to school dance and MORP. The price of a ticket to attend the dance has yet to be determined but will be announced closer to the event. The theme of the dance will be carnival and have many aspects of the fun filled event. The Sadie’s dance will be the first school event the class of 2020 is organizing, “I’m really excited for this dance because the theme is something new for our school and it’s a ton of fun organizing it” spirit team member Hayley Parker happily states, “It’s nice to have a theme that’s new and can have a lot of fun details to it.”


Orcutt Academy can not wait to see what the class of 2020 puts on for Sadie’s this school year. Many people will be attending and are excited for another school dance.