Photo class zooms in on success

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Photo class zooms in on success

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The photo 1 class, taught by James McManus, has been taking phenomenal photos this year, and we’ve showcased some of their best works.

So far, students in Photo 1 have been working on the basics of photography, in order to familiarize themselves with how to properly use professional-grade cameras. This includes learning about composition, proper lighting and the various tools in the camera. Students typically spend the first semester of Photo 1 going through lessons, and then are required a photo assignment with each one.

When the class returned from winter break, they took on a major project. Each student had to record themselves reciting their poems they choose for Poetry Out Loud and combine it with images to make a photo show. They choose and took photos of what they believed represented their poems, and brought it to life.

Recently, students have also been taught how to use their phones to take great photos, since McManus is a firm believer that photography doesn’t have to be dictated by large and expensive cameras. McManus has taught the class to unlock the tools of smartphone cameras, as well as apps they can use to improve their photos. One of his favorite apps is Snapseed, a Photoshopp-ing app.

As for the rest of the year, Photo 1 plans to improve their Photoshop skills, and develop their masking and layering skills. Every year, McManus assigns the students to layer images of Godzilla and the Golden Gate bridge, to improve their skills and make something fun with it.

The students that decide to continue their photo skills progress to Photo 2, and after a short refresher, spend the year improving their photo-editing skills and learning more advanced techniques. They work on commercial and food photography, photojournalism projects, and much more complex Photoshop.

McManus likes to organize his class with Moodle, a website that allows him to run his class as smoothly as possible. The website provides Ebooks and stores all lessons for students that may have been absent or simply need a refresher. The storage of data is so that students can compile and keep their photos after the year has ended, and also saves the photos that have the potential of being deleted on the Macbooks.  

Swipe through the gallery below to look at the some of the great works of the photo class.


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