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A classic TV game show called Family Feud has been turned into an app. This game can provide hours of fun by playing online solo or with family and friends. In this game two players compete against each other in a contest to name the most popular responses to a survey question posed to 100 people.

family feud


If you are looking for a new album to listen to you should check out Maroon 5’s new album called “V”. You have probably already heard the number one song on the album, “Maps” but there are many other great songs to choose from such as “It Was Always You” and “Animals”. You can find the new album on iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube.

maroon 5


Are you looking for a good burger restaurant to eat at? If so you should eat at The Habit. Not only does The Habit have some of the best burgers you’ll ever eat, but it also has other great items on the menu such as shakes and fries. The Habit is located in a few locations not to far from Santa Maria. The two closest are in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara.

the habit


It’s now  the month of October and we are nearing Halloween. A festive movie to watch is The Nightmare Before Christmas. This movie Tim Burton is about Jack Skellington, also known as the Pumpkin King. He becomes bored with his job and feels that life, in Halloween Land lacks meaning. He then stumbles upon a place called Christmas Town and decides to make the Christmas season his own. This great movie blends the two most popular holidays in an entertaining way. If you want to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas you can rent it from your local movie store or even watch it on Netflix.


nightmare before christmas