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Personification: Days of the week

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Personification: Days of the week

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Monday is tired.
Her hair is long and disheveled.
The bags under her eyes are bruised violet.
She walks around in her morning robe, fifth cup of coffee clutched tightly.
Vaguely Monday shuffles about in cozy, purple slippers.
She’ll feel better after a nap.

Tuesday is no-nonsense.
She wants to get through the week.
She’s a bland busy bee, hustling and bustling, 
Always preparing for further monotony.
Her honey hair is pulled in a bun tighter than even her personality, 
And Tuesday is never content when students put off her homework for block day.
(Meaning she’s never content.)

Wednesday is self-conscious.
He’s almost as tired as Monday,
But he tries much harder.
Wednesday wears khaki shorts and pink polos and wants to cool.
He works diligently to be loved,
But he’s snide and backhanded.
Wednesday has middle child syndrome.
He wants to be appreciated,
Not tolerated.
(Fat chance, Wednesday.)

Thursday is restless.
He is easy to overlook,
Straight-laced, and by the book.
Thursday wants everything done right,
But by 1:40, Thursday jitters like he drank all of Monday’s coffee.

Thursday drives exactly the speed limit,                                                                                                                                         

His unassuming white Toyota cruising along.
Maybe Thursday will iron his shirts tonight.

Friday is wild,
The life of the party.
He wears sunglasses even when it’s dark,
sometimes perched on the back of breaking, bleached hair.
He is always excited,
energy like adrenaline straight to a vein.
Friday would probably eat laundry detergent if someone dared him.

Saturday is Instagram famous.
She lives at the beach
and survives solely on açaí bowls.
Saturday wears heart-shaped sunglasses and flip flops.
Saturday invented sleeping in.
She never took a bad picture, and no one has a bad word to say.
Saturday is what the other days wish they could be.

Sunday is moody.
Early morning light shines on chubby cheeks.
Sunday is happy,
Until she’s not.
Sunday is a terrible toddler, 
Forced into itchy dresses.
Sunday is happy while the sun is up and the day is long.
The tantrums begin at dusk.
Too much homework, not enough time.
Sunday doesn’t want to go to school.
Sunday’s ferocious fits will make sure Monday has a bad day.

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Michi Hinders, Reporter

My name is Michi Hinders and I’m currently a senior at Orcutt Academy High School. One of my favorite hobbies is fostering kittens for the Santa Maria...

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  1. Professor WhoBanks on February 1st, 2018 2:55 PM

    I ADORE this. Brilliant.

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Personification: Days of the week