Santa Maria Needs a Facelift

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Santa Maria Needs a Facelift

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Who on earth would live in a town nicknamed, Murder City? If you live in Santa Maria, you do.  In recent years, Santa Maria has had an increase crime problem and it seems to be only increasing as time passes. 

In recent years, Santa Maria’s crime problem has gotten so bad that the FBI has listed the city as the tenth most violent city in California. This is a sad fact especially because Santa Maria has the potential of being a great city but has been overrun by crime.

Santa Maria has great potential of being a tourist resort city. With our great weather, location in the wine country, and half an hour drive to the coast, Santa Maria should be a place people want to visit and come to, not a place that people fear or want to leave.

The dream of what Santa Maria could be has been completely destroyed by problems that could be fixed. These problems could be fixed by giving more funding to the police to better the services of crime stopping and the drug trade in the city. The city also needs to do more to stop its gang problem.  Recently, 15 international gang members were arrested in the city. This is a good start but does not eliminate the problem.

Another major problem in the city that needs to be fixed is the massive homeless problem the city has. As of right now the most the city has done with the homeless is just wanting people to report homeless encampments to the police, so the police will clean them up. In an interview with KSBY a police officer said, “they give help to homeless after cleaning up their encampments”, but the police do not say the specific help they give. Here’s an idea to help the homeless in the city, the city council could fix the homeless problem by giving them services to help get them off the street and get them mental health help. Finally, school boards could help clean up the schools and enforce better rules to help prevent violence in the future.

It is not impossible for Santa Maria to fix itself many; cities much larger and more crime plaqued have done it. One example, would be when New York City got such a violent reputation that in the 1980s they fixed themselves and became one of the safest cities in the country for its size.

The  government of Santa Maria still has a lot to do to make the city safe, peaceful, and nice.

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