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Play this: Candy Crush

Almost everyone on social media has heard of this repetitive yet addicting game. Candy Crush is the perfect game to play while waiting for your name to be called to receive your morning coffee or on a long road trip. The objective of Candy Crush is to match different types of candy to eliminate them and get points. I would highly suggest Candy Crush if you get bored easily and constantly need to be using your brain and think about something.

Hear this: NF

NF (Nate Feuerstein) is an American rapper/singer. Many people have not heard of NF but he has recently been making a name for himself with his new single “Let You Down” that has begun playing on the radio. NF’s music style is very unique because he not only raps but has an amazing singing voice and combines the two to make powerful songs.

Eat this: Gardein

For all my fellow vegetarians/ vegans out there that feel left out at all the family barbeques with the missing protein on their plate, this one’s for you. The meat alternative brand Gardein makes all kinds of meatless meat that tastes delicious and can be cooked very quickly. Gardein is a tasty alternative to meat and is a great source of protein. There are many different types of meatless meat Gardein makes including fishless fish filets, meatless ground beef, crispy tenders, barbecue wings, and many more.

Watch this: Grey’s Anatomy

If you’re anything like me, you are a sucker for a good dramatic medical show. Grey’s Anatomy is a suspenseful show about what the life of a surgeon working in a hospital looks like. Grey’s Anatomy is the perfect show to binge watch during a sick day or a stay in rainy day. The show portrays the life of five interns working their way up to being surgeons in Seattle Grace Hospital and all the drama that happens in between.