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Pros v Cons of Thanksgiving

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Aidan: Pros

No school – We get the whole week of Thanksgiving off of school, giving you time to relax and prepare for your finals.


Feast – On Thanksgiving Day, we prepare enormous amounts of food, ranging from turkey to cranberry sauces to pie, and then eat an unnecessary amount of food with your family.


Football – As you eat incredible amounts of food, you can watch the Football game with your family and friends.


Family and friends – With a whole week off of school, you have time to hang out with your friends as much as you, as well as visit your family if you celebrate Thanksgiving Day with them.


Black Friday – The kickoff to Christmas shopping, Black Friday. Most stores cut their prices really low to encourage more sales, and many people crowd stores in the middle of the night to get their items for cheap.


Cyber Monday – The safer… alternative to Black Friday; you can buy the stuff you’ve been wanting all year for cheap, all online.


Charity – You can give back to your community or help those in need, as many organizations emphasize extra help during the holidays.


Rachel: Cons

Commercialization – People tend to focus more on the food and the football rather than the actual purpose of the holiday: to focus on what they’re thankful for and spend time with their families.


Unhealthy – A giant feast isn’t exactly good for anyone’s health.


Family Problems – Families get together to celebrate, but this often leads to conflicts between family members that could’ve been avoided if there wasn’t an obligation to get together in the first place.


Money – Right after Thanksgiving comes Black Friday, which has essentially become a weekend full of sales to kick off the Christmas preparations. A lot of times people spend money on items that they wouldn’t buy had they not seen them on sale. It ends up costing money more than saving it.


No School – Thanksgiving comes with several days or even a week off from school. This is an interruption of studies so close to the end of the semester. This could cause students to forget important information they learned just before the week off.


Unfocused – While it is recognized as a holiday, Thanksgiving is basically a feast in preparation for Christmas. Much of Thanksgiving is connected to Christmas. Stores are selling more Christmas decorations than Thanksgiving decorations at the time, people are already decorating and singing Christmas carols, and Black Friday basically consists of big sales to kick off Christmas shopping. Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade even ends with Santa Claus. People tend not to focus much on Thanksgiving, as their attention is already on Christmas.

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Pros v Cons of Thanksgiving