2020 Dominates Class Spirit

Orcutt Academy’s amazing class of 2020 class officers have made the Sophomore’s second year of high school a fun and unforgettable one. During our school’s Spartan Seminar class, the class of 2020 officers periodically plan activities for the Sophomore SS class to participate in and make memories with their friends.


Orcutt Academy’s class of 2020 officers have a meeting once a week to propose ideas for the entire Sophomore class to take part. About once a month, the 5 Sophomore Spartan Seminar  (SS) classes compete against each other. Rather than calling ourselves by our SS room numbers or teacher’s names, we have team names, mascots, and flags to represent their class and teacher.


After two months of battle, the class placement is currently: Blackie’s Gametes with 850 points, Benton’s Untouchables with 800 points, Mason’s Marsupials with 600 points, and Hubbard’s Memes and Alberry’s Autobots tied in last place with 300 points each.


In October there was a scavenger hunt where each class had to complete tasks and take pictures of each and, more recently, a Thanksgiving-themed competition between the sophomores.


The Thanksgiving competition consisted of a pumpkin pie eating contest, a pumpkin seed spitting contest, and a 5-way dodgeball game. The pie eating contest was a great hit between the 5 sophomores who participated, but Benton’s Untouchables came out on top when Cameron Carpenter ate his way to the finish line. Blackie’s Gametes had a strong arm in the dodgeball game and beat out the other 4 Sophomore classes. The pumpkin seed spitting contest was an amazing hit between the lower classmen and made many people laugh, but the champion with the farthest seed spit was Adrian Pacheco from Benton’s Untouchables.


Our Sophomore class has been loving the fun and diverse activities the class advisors have been coming up with and can’t wait to see what they come up with next. As of right now, the Class of 2020 has been one of the best classes to put on exciting activities for the students to get to know each other better. We hope to see more classes getting outside and having fun with their peers in the future as well.