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US-Russian Relations:1960 vs Today

The US and Russia have seemingly always been at each other’s throats. Even today we still have tensions with Russia. But in the 1960s, both powers were close to a nuclear war. Why? Let us take a look at what happened in the 60s.

One of the biggest things that happened in the 1960s is the Cold War. The war technically started in the the late 40s but tensions became hotter during the 60s. Basically, the US was scared that the spread of communism would take over European countries and the USSR was afraid capitalism and democracy would spread over Europe as well.

Things came to a head in the 60s during the Cuban Missile Crisis. During this time in the 60s, US satellites found USSR nuclear missile bases in Cuba which was a huge no no and made the US furious. This was a point where the two superpowers were inches away from a nuclear war. But thankfully the two came to amends. The USSR said they would remove missiles from Cuba if the US would take their missiles out of Turkey.

The basis of the struggle was competing to make bigger and more deadly nuclear weapons. After WWII the US started to make more atomic and nuclear weapons since they became the new superpower of the world. The USSR was also making atomic weapons and eventually nuclear missiles capable of hitting the US. In fact,the USSR tested the largest atomic bomb ever made in our world history. Finally the two superpowers again came to amends and in 1991 they both signed a treaty to eliminate the number of warheads to just over 3,500 a country.

To this day the relationship between the US and Russia are still tense. But there are times the two powers come together. For example, the US and Russia are actually working together to try and stop North Korea’s nuclear program. Something that would have been a joke in the 60s. But the two countries are still trying to make their militaries better than the other. While the Cold War is over, the possibility of another occurring is not out of the question.

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