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Brits invade music

Brits invade music

Music forever changed by the 60s invasion

During the 1960s, America was hit with a double-decker bus full of singing British boys. British bands like the Beatles entered the United States, forever changing the nation. This was the British Invasion of American pop-culture.

The Beatles owned the 1960s, and frankly, have owned the music industry since. The Beatles were intriguing because of all the new and fresh styles they brought to the plate. Rock ‘n’ roll was still relatively new at the time and the Beatles pushed it to its limits. While other British bands, such as the Rolling Stones, the Who, and the Kinks, came to America at this time, the Beatles had the largest influence on America by a long-shot.

At the time, ideas like audio feedback and music videos hadn’t been experimented with much. The Beatles, however, took these ideas and bolted. They were the first to use audio feedback in a recorded single and were among the first pioneers of rock music videos.

The Beatles also introduced America to a more unfamiliar style of music; they had a particular interest in Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Ravi Shankar which encouraged many Americans to look into this Indian spirituality and music themselves. America was  introduced to sitar music at this point.

Not to mention the Beatles’ impact on America’s physical styles. Before the Beatles, it was rare to see men with long hair – the Beatles changed that. After they became well known in the states, men not only accepted long hair, but desired it. The 1960s became an era of boots, collarless suits, and mopheads. Since then, rockers’ hair has only gotten longer.

As the Beatles took root in the US, they shaped the music industry and the nation as a whole. We still see the influence of the Beatles today as artists have and emerging artists will continue to compete with their aura. In the same way, we have the Beatles to thank for the many innovations they brought about in their great musical movement.

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