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Halloween costume suggestions

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With Halloween approaching, you want to make sure you’re dressed in style. As you may know, the costume you wear on such a significant American holiday reflects nothing less than your true desires in life. Spartans, read carefully and this will be your best Halloween yet.


As a teenager in 2017, if you so much as listen to music, dressing up as Post Malone is a MUST. A classic Malone costume shows that you are up-to-date with today’s music and fashion trends.


This year the new Women Empowerment Club has been flourishing. If the thought to attend has even crossed your mind, the only costume for you is of the powerful Wonder Woman. As the most iconic female superhero, Wonder Woman represents everything the club stands for.


Don’t consider yourself a green activist unless you dress up as Groot this Halloween. Embodying nature is the only TRUE way to show how much you care about the earth, and what better represents nature than groot? Nothing. Exactly.


By now, most of you have heard of the popular film director Tim Burton. If you liked a single scene from any of his movies, it is not only suggested, but REQUIRED for you to dress up as Jack Skellington for Halloween. Walking through the streets fully masked and clothed with Jack Skellington apparel gives everyone an idea of how much you love Tim and Halloween itself.


Are you a vegan struggling to fit in? Is it hard to keep up with trends while dealing with your dietary worldview? The answer is here. Make sure to stop by your local Party City to pick up your very own eggplant costume. Yes, you read right, eggplant. That is what is in style, if you can’t accept the truth you shouldn’t have come here for advice.


For y’all who use social media and have ever posted “I hate my life,” I have the perfect costume for you. Not only is this costume “hip,” it might be the only one that shows how you truly feel about yourself. I’m sure you’ve seen or heard of the famous poop emoji, well lucky for you it’s out now available as a physical costume and window into your anger about the world.


Our school is very diverse and that is one of the things that makes us so special. I know a lot of you out there would consider yourself a cultured individual, but there is only one way to prove that. If you aren’t walking around town trick-or-treating in a Swedish Fish outfit, you aren’t cultured, so read up and try again next year.


Here at Orcutt Academy, we have a great number of Harry Potter fans, because what isn’t to love about Harry Potter? I’m here to help you guys dress in style, and in tune with your personal passion. With a small purchase of $103.98, you can be dressed as the famous Professor McGonagall. Some of you may think that is too expensive, but NOTHING is too expensive when it shows your deepest obsession.


Alongside Harry Potter fans, we have a great deal of video game players on our campus. If you play video games, have ever played a video game, have a game console in your home, or so much as watched someone play video games, I have the perfect costume for you. This halloween all you video game players WILL be fully dressed as the very own Edward Kenway.


Being in high school, I’m sure you have all been to some sort of sports game. If not, almost all of you enjoy at least one sport. No matter what level of enjoyment you get from sports, the costume for you is here. Dressing up as Nacho Libre not only shows your love for sports, but that you are up-to-date with the latest cinematic excellence.


Spartans, that is all I have for you. I hope you take what I said and use it to better your Halloween experience. If this didn’t help you find an outfit for you to wear, you obviously don’t know yourself, so find yourself before participating in such an iconic holiday. Have a good day.

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